Shoe sale: an addicts joy

Basic black platform heels from  Dillards
Red wedge sandals from Kohls and Navy wedge sandals from Dillards

So in the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed a mass of shoe shopping.  There have been great bargains on shoes at several stores and to top it off I stopped at Dillard’s this past weekend and all sale items were an additional 40% off!  A shoe addicts dream!

The recent shoe shopping began with a hunt for the perfect black heals, and quickly a hunt for the elusive red shoes and brown dress flats.  I had a pair of red shoes until earlier this year when the soles disintegrated.  The brown dress flats have been a difficult find for the last several years.

Well the shopping spree uncovered many great finds and lots of super bargains, but still no brown shoes.

Black velvet platform heels with sparkle bows from Dillards
Silver and gemed heels
Coach flats and black patent flats from  Dillards
Red Flats from Belks 


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