The scariest nightmare ever

I woke up this morning like today was any other day.  About 7:00 am I took a shower and then lay down for a few minutes because I got too hot.

Not intending to, I fell asleep.  Only it was like no sleep I have ever had.

I dreamed.  No, not a normal dream.  No, not a happy dream.  I didn’t even know I was asleep.  I guess I was in an odd in-between state, because for part of the time I was asleep I knew I was laying in bed.  What made this dream so different, so awful?

During my dream state, I thought I was awake.  However, what made this dream so frighting was that I couldnt move.  I thought I was awake and paralyzed.  In fact, during a portion of the dream (when I didnt know I was in my bed) I was in a crowded room with people I know and no one would help me.  I had no control over my limbs and I couldnt speak, but I could hear.

There is nothing scarier than thinking you are awake and thinking you cant move.  Towards the end of my dream-like state, I knew I was lying in my bed.  I knew I was in my house.  I still couldnt move or speak.

When I was finally able to realize I was awake and that I could move, it was almost too good to believe.  I truly believed that I couldnt move and that their was nothing I could do and no one to help me.

I had been in this state for over 3 hours.


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