Genevieve’s 12 month Well Baby Checkup

On September 1st Genevieve had her 12 month Well Baby Checkup with Dr. Reeves, her Pediatrician.

I spoke with him about my concerns regarding her eating habits, switching from infant formula to toddler formula or whole milk, the odd noise she makes when she swallows, and our need for a note so we could continue to provide our own food at daycare.

He told me that he wasnt worried about her eating habits since she has gained some weight. He also said he wasnt concerned about the noise she makes when she swallows, because it isnt causing her to choke.  He told me he didnt mind if we used toddler formula (we use Hipp) or whole milk, but that he wanted us to completely stop the bottle and only give her the formula/milk in a sippy cup.  He said if she lost weight and it stayed down for a month, then he would be concerned, but not before.  She doesnt like the sippy cup, so I dont imagine we will be very successful switching from the bottle like that, but we will continue to try. One of his concerns is the amount she is drinking (15-24 oz a day), which I understand, but she generally refuses to continue eating, but will get hungry 30 min later for formula and she wont stay asleep at night without the formula.

She received 2 shots in her thigh and a finger prick from which they scraped out 1/2 a vial of blood for a lead test and a full blood panel. Milestone: She no longer is undressed when being weighed.

Her stats:
Head Circumference – 17 5/8 in (39.8% – WHO Charts)
Height – 30 1/4 in (75.3% – WHO Charts)
Weight – 20 lbs (47.6% – WHO Charts)

Height/Weight – 30.7% (WHO Charts)

August 27, 2015

August 27, 2015 – Taken a few days before her doctor’s appointment

Just For Fun: I visited the website Infantchart and was able to get a prediction of how tall Genevieve will be as an adult.  Their tool predicted she will be 5’8.”  In 16 years we will see if it was correct (although I am definitely not in a rush to know!).


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