Toddler Meals 10/12/2915

Tonight dinner was a challenge. My husband is out if town and Genevieve has been crying since we got home ( she cried and fussed this morning too). The poor thing is teething and our household has been off kilter for 2 1/2 weeks – first I was out of town for work and the day I got back my husband had to leave town for his job.

Tonight’s dinner was whatever I could grab and put in front of her quickly. The result was shredded cheese, a Triscuit cracker, leftover chicken, freeze dried pear slices, unsalted pumpkin seeds (a never before tried item and she LOVED them!), and Minute brand Multi- grain medley…. And water – she was very thirsty. It ended up just tossed on her tray as I grabbed it; one item at a time.




Dinner was punctuated every few minutes with a mess if crying…


Which I was finally able to stop by reading her one of her favorite books – at least long enough for her to finish eating.


Book Read: Sweet Child of Mine by Caroline Jayne Church


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