Third Wedding Anniversary

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by attending a Bill Nye lecture at the University of Central Arkansas. The lecture was amazing and my only regret is that we didn’t get to stay for the Q & A or the book signing. We are so thankful for our friends Brian and Lindsey for watching Genevieve so we could go!

Click here for a clip of the lecture.

Dinner was a little unorthodox, but the lecture was worth the dinner sacrifice – Wendy’s Drivr-Thru. We were able to cap the evening off with a stop at Sonic for some ice cream though!


We exchanged gifts prior to leaving for the show. My gift to Michael was a little lackluster, but it was a matter of circumstance.

I had ordered him an engraved wallet, but they messed it up and couldn’t get it fixed in time, so I canceled the order. I had also ordered him a few months subscription to BattleBox, but since the boxes ship at the same time each month, it hadnt arrived yet. Therefore, all he got that day was a bottle of cologne! I did make sure it was adorned in leather though, the traditional 3rd anniversary gift. Michael is pretty stuck on the traditional gift schedule!

For information about traditional anniversary gifts click here.

When his Battle Box did arrive (he opened it this week), he loved it! He especially loved the survival guide book that is included in the Mission 1 box. I knew he would though. Honestly, that book was the tipping point in my decision to buy the box, because I knew he had been wanting it!

While my gift to Michael probably wasn’t my best work, he blew me away with his gift to me. A Michael Kors leather handbag! Its one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen and as much as I love purses, I never would have bought one for myself! He put so much thought into it – its big, its structured, there is a padded pocket for my computer, and its a gorgeous neutral tan color! I must say his gift giving skills have grown tremendously since our first Christmas 6 years ago when he bought me a trashcan (“because you said you hated yours”)!

I know gifts are not everything, but its nice to have a special token to mark a special day!

Its been a eventful 3 years and I know we will have many more wonderful years to celebrate!



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