Decorating for the Holidays…With a Toddler

My husband is always complaining that out house isn’t “decorated,” regardless of the time of year.

The house I lived in prior to our house was too small to really decorate, heck I had to by a special  one sided tree and block my front door to even have room for a Christmas tree.

Our house had been a construction project in process since we bought it in 2011 and I still have unfinished cabinets. Having unfinished shelf spaces means decorative items just look out of place and unfinished cabinets mean everything is strewn about because there isn’t a good place to put things away. These things make holiday decorating seem pointless.

Well this year, especially since the project at least looks a little more orderly, if not complete, I decided to try a little decorating this year.  We still don’t have much, but we do have more than a door wreath and a tree this year.




Counter decor - Christmas packages, festive hats, Melissa and Douglas Advent calendar, Santa pouch


But the TREE….what do you do to decorate a Christmas Tree when you have a 16 month old?! Since I bought a new table cloth and runner, I decided to match my decor and tree themes to it and to forgo my ornaments this year. All my ornaments are breakable and a large number of them are keepsakes and I didn’t want to deal with broken glass ornaments or broken sentimental items, so this year I decided to decorate the tree with ribbon, ornamental sticks, and clip on poinsettias.


Genevieve also got a cute mini tree to adorn her dresser.


Now we are just waiting for our new stockings to arrive from my stepsister, and owner of Kreative Kaze Designs.



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