Wrapping Christmas Gifts – Ashley’s Method

I am not sure how long I have done this, but every year I buy multiple rolls of coordinating wrapping paper for the purpose of wrapping the gifts I have purchased in a very distinct way. Im not a fancy wrapper – I rarely even attempt to even add bows.  Every year the gifts wrapped and placed under my tree are according to that year’s distribution chart.

Let me explain. Some people wrap gifts indiscriminately, not caring which gift is wrapped in which paper. Some people purchase multiple wrapping papers with the goal of using a different pattern for each child or family member.  The gifts under my tree are wrapped in patterns according to the household they will be delivered too.

Thats right, I color code the gifts under my tree based on their final destination. See, my parents are divorced and my dad’s parent’s host their own holiday celebration, and since meeting my husband, we also celebrate a separate event with his family. You read correctly – my family celebrates 4 Christmases – and they are spread all over the map (ok, Just Arkansas and Texas).

When I am making quick jaunts for a holiday, its too much work to sort through gifts for everyone and its so embarrassing to show up missing a gift!  Loading the car is so much easier when all I have to do is grab the “dot” paper or the “santa” paper!




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