Toddler Meals: 01/25/2016

Genevieve’s lunch today is probably one of the fanciest meals I have ever given her. Nothing I sent was expensive or unusual foods, but it’s definitely not your average toddler meal.

The “lunches” featured in this series are  normally  what I am sending to daycare for the day, so the contents are actually lunch and snack. She eats breakfast before she leaves the house for the day.

Today’s lunchbox:

Triscuit crackers and organic cheddar cheese, spinach and cheese ravioli with pesto and steamed zucchini, raspberries and blackberries, plantain chips, and a raw vegetable salad with humus/yogurt dip (1:1 ratio of whole milk organic yogurt and hummus).

The vegetable salad includes: snow peas, radish, zucchini, and bell pepper with the skin removed.

I also sent two 5oz servings of Hipp toddler formula.


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