Insta-Moment: Remembering my Grandfather 

My dad just asked me if I needed any money. Genevieve replied with “yep.” This interaction hilariously reminded me of my late grandfather who was always offering me money because he never wanted me to be without money in my pocket. I can’t even imagine the amount of love he would have had for this little girl. He would have doted on her to no end and I know she would have given him so much joy. He passed before seeing most of my adult milestones but Genevieve would have been the one he most wanted to experience. He would have been the most amazing greatgrandfather. it is amazing how small random interactions and words can bring such intricate and sentimental memories to the surface. #25monthsold #2yearsold #memories #greatgrandfather #moneytalk #family #imissyou #bringstearstomyeyes #blog


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