Genevieve’s Smile: Support my small business



Hello friends!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been hard at work updating my Etsy shop and posting lots of new items for you to browse and enjoy!  I want to encourage everyone to stop by, look around, and (hopefully) decide to buy something.  Is my shop not really your style?  Well, consider sharing our shop link with a friend!  If you choose to shop a small business, you are helping a family.  I do my best to offer the lowest prices I can and I work hard to make each item special and unique.  Don’t see something you like?  Request a custom order and I will make something special just for you!

What is Genevieve’s Smile?

Genevieve’s Smile is a small business I started in honor of my daughter. I take pride in designing and creating hair bows, barrettes, bow holders, and jewelry!  Right now I am even sending out a free gift with your first purchase!

Find us on Facebook:

Shop on Etsy:

Instagram: #Genevievessmile (we don’t have a dedicated account for Genevieve’s Smile yet, but feel free to share your pictures using our hashtag)






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