Insta-Moment: Chore Chart

Genevieve officially has her first chores! #milestone #3yearsold #chorechart #blog | January 07, 2018 at 10:22PM

Genevieve officially has her first chores! #milestone #3yearsold #chorechart #blog


Conversations with littles 

I have to go to the doctor this morning so Genevieve is going to her Granny’s house. I am bringing a Package of these 2Z dolls for Genevieve to play with while she’s there. She loves the little things. 
Me: are you going to let granny play?

G: they are too little (She often equaits the size of the toy with the size of the person who should play with it )

Me: When granny worked her job was to play with little kids, So I think she knows how to play with little toys 

G: ok. Then she can take their heads off to!

Genevieve Broke Her Finger

Tuesday, November 28th started out like any other day – hectic and overwhelming.  Just a normal day.  After I got off work, I drove to Genevieve’s preschool, the Arkadelphia Early Childhood Center.  When I arrived one of her teachers met me in the lobby (a coincidence in timing) and when she saw me she told me that I needed to sign an incident report.  She told me that in just moments before I arrived Genevieve had scratched her finger when a parent opened the classroom door on Genevieve’s hand.  She told me she had put some ice and a band-aid on it, but that it was just a scratch.

I went to the classroom to get Genevieve and she was noticeably upset.  This was not a surprise to me because I had been warned of the incident and Genevieve is a very sensitive child. It did strike me as odd though that she cried uncontrollably for the entire 30 minute drive home.

When we got home I told MG what happened and we looked more closely at Genevieve’s hand.  Her pinky finger was scraped and her index finger was slightly swollen.  A few minutes later, Genevieve had calmed down and was watching a cartoon.  …

A few hours later MG walked by where Genevieve was sitting and her hand caught his eye.  He looked at it more closely and got my attention.  Her index finger was crooked, swollen at least twice its normal size and the knuckle on that finger was starting to show a bruise.  We both were shocked at the change in her finger.  We had noticed that she was cranky, but we just took it for granted that she was fine because the school said she was fine.

I took her into the ER at CHI Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Hot Springs, since it is part of the same system as her pediatrician, Zac Henley.  The ER doctor saw her fairly quickly and agreed that he thought it was broken.  He sent in an X-ray technician to take some images of her hand.  The X-Ray technician was amazing!  He was wonderful with her and he even gave her a little doll to distract her.  I really need to see if I can find out his name because he really is the picture of how medical professionals should be! The nurse on the other hand, was definitely not good with children.  She didnt even do a great job.  The doctor looked at the x-rays and determined that Genevieve’s finger was fractured.  He ordered a brace put on her arm and fingers.  I don’t remember what the brace was called, but it was comprised of a pad that was soaked in water which was placed on the underside of her arm/hand/finger with a hole for her thumb.  After a minute the material hardened in place. The whole thing was then wrapped in an Ace bandage.  The doctor had asked for it to be placed with support under her fingers and I noticed that the nurse was not placing it high enough, but when I commented on it she told me I was wrong and kept doing what she was doing.  When this was done we were told we could leave and to follow up with our pediatrician in one week.

The deposit I was asked to pay before we could leave was ridiculous!

The next day I started to question the timeline for Genevieve’s follow up and her brace was not staying on her hand.  Her preschool also told me that in order to keep her inside from the playground ( I was sure that her brace would not survive the playground and it would get filthy!).  I called Dr. Henley’s office and I was told that patients are normally seen the day after their ER visit – not one week out.  I scheduled the appointment for Friday,  December 1st.

Dr. Henley look at Genevieve’s hand and told me that she definitely needed to see an orthopedic specialist and that he wasnt trained to do any other type of bracing than she already had.  He referred us to Dr. Justin Waldon, who is said was also with the CHI group and a young pediatric specialist.

Over the weekend, MG had to make a replacement brace for Genevieve because we had to cut off the one the ER had put on her.  The hospital’s brace was cutting off the circulation to her thumb and it was swelling and turning purple.   It was so much better than the one the hospital put on.

We were able to get in to see Dr. Waldon on December 5th.  MG was able to go to this appointment with us and I was glad he did, because I didn’t like Dr. Waldon and he had the same reaction. He wasnt very child friendly at all. He was brisk and didnt talk to Genevieve at all.  He cut off her brace and told us that the brace was “overkill” and that all she needed was a small piece of tape securing her index finger to her middle finger.  He said she didnt need the extra protection of the brace because she would naturally protect her injury.  He taped her fingers together and told us to come back in 3 weeks for another x-ray.

The tape doesnt seem to actually do much and as of today, Decmeber 9th, her index finger is still bruised and swollen.  She also has several blisters on her hand from the hospital’s brace.  Genevieve remains cranky and whiny.  She says her finger doesnt hurt, but she doesnt really understand how to explain things like pain and/or not feeling good.  I may see if MG can make her a smaller brace that just secures the finger a little bit better.  She really doesnt have the spacial awareness to protect her hand – she knocks into anything and everything, runs and jumps everywhere, and is pretty oblivious to where he body is in relationship to anything and everything else.

Update about our interaction with the preschool about this incident in a later post.

Toddler Test – Questions I asked Genevieve

I asked Genevieve these questions about a month ago and these were her answers…

Obviously some of these answers make no sense and some of her answers were not true to her actual preferences…It was hilarious hearing her answers.

  1. What is your name? Genevieve
  2. How old are you? 3
  3. When is your birthday? Rainbow
  4. How old is Mommy? Big
  5. What is your favorite color? Pink
  6. What is your favorite food? Green beans and green peas
  7. Who is your best friend? Ms. Erin
  8. What is your favorite song? Abcd
  9. What is your favorite animal? Cat and a sheep and a cow
  10. What are you Scared of? Ghost
  11. What makes you happy? Movie
  12. What is your favorite color? yellow
  13. What is your favorite toy? my hippo at home
  14. What is your favorite fruit? Oranges
  15. What is your favorite tv show? “that”
  16. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? People
  17. What is your favorite outfit? Animals
  18. What is your favorite game? Checkers
  19. What is your favorite snack? People
  20. What is your favorite animal? peacocks at the zoo
  21. What is your favorite song? Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  22. What is your favorite book? Doggies
  23. Who is your best friend? Parker
  24. 1What is your favorite cereal? Checkers
  25. What is your favorite thing to do outside? play in the water
  26. What is your favorite drink? milk
  27. What is your favorite holiday? Santa Claus
  28. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Blankie and milk
  29. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Cereal and milk
  30. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Checkers
  31. What do you want to be when you grow up? A big girl






Play Kitchens

Genevieve loves playing with the kitchen center at her daycare, so we knew we wanted her to have one for her birthday  (which her Poppy and Bibbie got for her 2nd birthday).

She has the Kid Craft Large Pastel Play Kitchen (here).

It took Michael HOURS to put it together, but the end result was wonderful!  She still plays with her kitchen almost every day.



Most of her dishes and things are from Green Toys and Melissa and Doug.  I prefer the wooden items as much as possible.



This picture was taken when she was first given her kitchen!

We even got a video of her playing with if for the first time.

And more recently, she was gifted a condiment set to go with her kitchen.  She loved these condiments so much, she took them to bed with her every night for several weeks!

Genevieve’s Bookshelf

Of course as a Librarian, everyone expects my daughter to love books.  Thankfully, she really does love them.  In fact, if she is upset or hurt, you can offer to read her a book and she immediately quits crying!

I recently discovered a movement that promotes the gifting books instead of toys.  This movement inspired the creation of a reverse registry and book recommendation website designed for children. This website is called Red Antler Books.  I will be reviewing this website soon, but while you anxiously await my review, I wanted to share the current list of titles on Genevieve’s bookshelf.

So without further ado:


*the basket holds her clothes books. She also has a small basket next to the chair in her room for her current favorite books to read at bedtime.

Parenting Hack: toy magnet storage

Genevieve loves magnets, but I’m always struggling to find room in the refrigerator for them. We have lots of Melissa and Doug wooden magnets and this past weekend, for her birthday, she got a leapfrog alphabet which has a magnetic base and all the alphabet letters.

Solution: suction cup storage bins from the bathroom Department. These are intended to have toiletries in the shower, but they work wonderfully for magnets.

I’m sure this won’t be the case for everyone, but our freezer is on the bottom of a refrigerator, so the handle sticks out away from the unit. Therefore, the baskets don’t get in the way because the handle sticks out about the same amount as the bins do.

These bins were approximately $6 each at Walmart.

Genevieve Gets Stitches

May 5th – The day Genevieve falls at daycare and needs stitches.

Poor Genevieve!  She just cant seem to win for losing lately!  She has been fighting ear infections and strep for months and she just had tube surgery last month – and now she falls and needs stitches!


Genevieve’s daycare provider called me and told me that Genevieve had tripped on her own feet and fell at daycare.  She hit the ONLY wooden chair in the building with her head!  They said she was in the office, but the bleeding wouldnt stop and that they thought it needed stitches!

I called the pediatrician right away.  I didnt know if we should take Genevieve into the doctor’s office or take her to the ER.  They told us to bring her in and that they could see her in 15 minutes.  I called Michael and told him to pick up Genevieve right away and take her to the doctor’s office after I explained what happened.  Then I told my staff I had to leave and I rushed out of town (I work 30 minutes from where her pediatrician and her daycare are, but Michael works in that town).  I just couldn’t stand not to be there with her!  Oh!

When I got the the doctor’s office, the nurses led me back to the examination room where Michael and Genevieve were waiting.  Michael said that they had already seen the doctor and that they were waiting on the doctor and a nurse to come back with the suture kits.

Her clothes were soaked in blood and the wound was still oozing, but Michael had her laughing a little bit and was trying to keep her distracted.  Everytime she stopped for a minute she got upset about her “boo boo.”


The doctor used dissolvable stitches and he said he didnt think the wound would scar.  I was afraid that I was going to have to hold her while they stitched up the wound, but they strapped her into a backboard device that pinned her and her arms down.  I am glad I didnt have to hold her, because I dont think I could have held her still, but I was hard to watch them stitch her up and listen to her cry and scream “mama” over and over and not hold her and comfort her.  Because there was two nurses and the doctor there for the procedure, I couldnt even get close to her.  The best I could do was weave my hand through the bodies and rub the few exposed inches of her elbow with my finger.

The doctor said she did very well and Michael said that he was proud of his daughter’s “grit.” Let me tell you, I was not very happy with that statement!  My 1 year old does not need “grit!”

The result – 2 stitches in her forehead.


For the most part, Genevieve was fine after the procedure.  She drank some milk and cuddled with us for a few minutes.  I took her home and when I got there I put some Tylenol in her milk.

When she is upset about her injury, sees her forehead, or accidentally touches her stitches she says”boo boo, head.” It distresses her.

Update 1: Two days after getting her stitches, Genevieve woke up at 2 am with a 101 fever and in a puddle of vomit.  It was all over her.  It was all over her face.  It was in her hair.  Evidently she picked up a stomach bug when she was at the doctor’s office getting stitches.  Really?! Geeze!  I got in a cool bath with her and we sponged off as much of the vomit as we could.  We couldnt really wash her face or hair due to the stitches.  Poor baby had to smell slightly like vomit for the next few days, as she got well, since we couldnt scrub her as thoroughly as we would have liked – the stitches aren’t supposed to get wet.

Update 2: As of May 21st, the last remnants of the stitches came out last night.  Her forehead is very red where the stitches were, but we are treating it with Neosporin.  Now that the stitches are completely gone, we can resume full baths.


Genevieve Uses the Potty

Genevieve likes to go into the bathroom with her daddy.  While in there (on 4/5/16), she said “baby poop,” so Michael put her on her potty and she actually used it!  She also told him she wanted a book! lol!

Now this isnt the first time she has gone one the potty, but the once or twice before had been us convincing her to sit on it.  This is the first time she has shown an direct interest on her own, especially when she actually needed to go.  The rest of the day she showed no interest at all, but it was so cute to see her sitting on her potty with a book!