Healthy yogurt for babies and toddlers

My daughter loves yogurt and I know its healthy for her. I want to make sure she eats healthy yogurt, but so much of the yogurt at the grocery store us full of sugar and its really hard to find whole milk yogurt.

My preference is to give Genevieve whole milk organic yogurt with no sugar. Added sugars are in all the flavored yogurts I have seen. I generally try to give Genevieve only plain yogurt and then I add my own homemade fruit purees. This way I know that the sugars are from the fruit and not just added sweeteners.

Often I can’t find whole milk yogurt where I live and often organic is hard for me to found too. Because of this I have been known to buy whatever greek yogurt with no additives I can find.

Recently I bought her Plenti yogurt because there weren’t many options and the store didn’t have any plain or organic. I was drawn to the Plenti yogurt because of the added seeds in it. Genevieve loved it!


This time I bit the bullet and bought the 32 oz canister because I really wanted whole milk organic yogurt and its just so hard to find in the smaller sizes.


During the same trip to the store I was thrilled to find Kashi Overnight Museli (although I settled for the cherry instead of the plain). I had read some great reviews about it and wanted Genevieve to try it since she has started liking oatmeal.



I made it up as instructed and the next day Genevieve tried it. She really liked the museli when my husband fed it to her, but she normally won’t take one from me and this was no different.

I thought about it and I figured out that if I mixed the yogurt and muesli it would be similar to the Plenti yogurt. It was! When I put it into a Kindle pouch, Genevieve gobbled it down!


Bonus, its so much healthier than the Plenti!

Grain, seed, and but yogurt:

Prepared Overnight Muesli
Organic whole milk yogurt

Mix proportions based on your preferred consistency.





Toddler Meals 11/20/2015

You all know I love leftovers and I love being able to save time by making Genevieve’s lunch with those leftovers.

Today Genevieve’s lunch included a new dinner creation and a new  snack for her to try too.


Today’s lunch:

Green beans cooked with chicken broth
Mexican rice skillet
Triscuit low sodium crackers
Dried apricots (new snack!)
Apples and grapes
Fresh mozzarella chunks
Baby trail mix (my semi homemade version)

Genevieve Is 15 Months Old

On November 6, 2015 Genevieve was 15 months old. Its so hard to believe how fast she is growing!

She has spoken several words at this point, but rarely uses them. She babbles, what seems to be full sentences, all the time. She does recognize many words though. She can follow some simple instructions such ad: sit down, hold my hand, give a hug/kiss, come here, bring that to mommy, etc. 

Even without words Genevieve can express her (very strong) opinions very well – when she doesn’t want a certain food or toy you try to give her she waves both arms in front of her to push the item away.

She walks well now and she loves to dance!

Her favorite toys are ones that play music, but she also likes balls, blocks, and rattling toys.

She is obsessed with muslin blankets and wants one around all the time, but they are a must have for self soothing. She doesnt seem to have a favorite …. Whichever one is in her eye sight is her favorite and if its laundry day and she sees a stack of them, she thinks she needs them all!

Her favorite foods are: cherries, grapes, triscut crackers, dried apples, rice cakes, cheese, and purple hull peas. She also really likes Ella’s Kitchen brand puffs and Plum Organics fruit snacks.

Her favorite books are: This Old Man, That’s Not My Mermaid, Twinkle Toes, The Wheels On The Bus, and Dear Zoo. When she wants you to read her a story, she now brings you the book and climbs in your lap (which I adore)!



Her stats:
Head circumference: 17 inches
Weight: 20 lbs 11 oz (21 lbs 4 oz at the doctor with clothes on)
Height: 32 inches

Her weight and head percentages ate really low, but they always have been and her height is still at the top!