Genevieve’s First Play-date

Genevieve has played with other kids before and has, on several occasions, been brought along with us to see friends who happen to have kids her age.  A couple of weeks ago,though, Genevieve got to experience her first official play-date. It was her first invitation on her own behalf and not as a tag along guest. That isnt to say that us moms arent great friends and didnt have a great time visiting ourselves, but it sure was fun for her to have her very own social engagement. I was so excited to get that text that said, “Does Genevieve want to come over and play with Ivy?”

The girls didnt actually play together much, but I know they had fun being together.  They had a great snack time! It was so adorable – it reminded me of a little tea party!



New words? Say it isn’t so!

New words? Say it isn’t so! This week Genevieve has learned to say “no,” “do it” / “did it”, and “mine”. She also learned “meat” and stopped calling using the word “doggie” on favor of “dog.”

Genevieve is learning to talk!

Genevieve is 16 months now and while she still babbles most of the time, she is learning so many new words!  Many words she says once and never repeats again, but there are many more that are becoming a regular part of her vocabulary!

Current words:

  • Bye-bye
  • Eat (her most frequently used word currently)
  • Doggie/Puppy (She has always said doggie, but I think her new daycare must use “puppy” because she has started saying that now)
  • Dada/Daddy
  • Mamma
  • Nana
  • Meme
  • Poppy (which for some reason she also calls “Bobby”)
  • Bibbie
  • Uh-Oh
  • Sheep
  • Book
  • Granny
  • Pa
  • Cheese
  • Shoe
  • This
  • Up
  • Hot (she says this alot, but doesn’t really know what it means – she says all food is hot)
  • Night Night (her newest word)

She can also follow directions to: “put it back,” “bring it here,” “give love,” “hug,” “kiss,” “dance,” and “hold mamma’s/Daddy’s hand.”

She had learned to kiss, hug, wave, blow kisses, sit in our laps for stories to be read, walk, run, dance, dance on a daddy’s feet, “ride the horse” (bounce on an adult’s stomach, push her arms and legs into sleeves and pants, put her foot in a shoe, and how magnets work.

Toddler Meals 12/10/2015

Scrambled eggs are a common breakfast for Genevieve.  This morning I scrambled them with chunky salsa.  Scrambled eggs are great because she likes them, they aren’t messy, and if she doesn’t finish her meal at home, they can be easily put in a snack cup (we use Munchkin Snack Catchers). Whenever possible, I prefer to feed her organic foods, especially when they are something she eats regularly.


Today’s lunch includes: mashed potatoes, sauteed squash, and Plum Organics Meatballs, that I cut into small pieces.

I normally don’t feed her pre-cooked/pre-packaged foods, but I didn’t cook last night and I didn’t have any protein leftovers to send. These meatballs are great because they are pretty healthy, include vegetables, and are organic.

For lunch add-ons and snacks I also sent Triscut Low Sodium crackers, shaved Parmesan cheese, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, and dried vegetable chips.


Recently Genevieve has refused to eat yogurt, so I thought I would send some to daycare and see what happens.  I used a Kiinde reusable food pouch and put it in a zip lock (with a note) to make sure it gets returned.  The pouch itself is trash, but the nipple is reusable and I was afraid just asking for the nipple to be returned was asking for confusion on their part.  I will just toss the pouch when she gets home.

I prefer to purchase plain yogurt and add flavoring by mixing in my homemade purees.