Recipes Using the Beaba Babycook #2

More recipes using my Babycook…

*Steam ingrediants in steam basket, remove steam liquid (unless reusing), and then add contents of steam basket to the cooking container for pureeing.


Peel 2 beets and steam on level 2.  Puree with water. (beware!  Wear gloves or you will have red hands!)

Output: 16 ounces
Homemade Cost: 19 cents per ounce

Green Beans

Use about 1/2 lb of green beans (fill basket). Snap off ends and break into pieces.  Steam on level 2 and puree with water. (Green beans are one of the most difficult to get smooth)

Output: 14 ounces
Homemade Cost: (assuming 1/2 a pound) 8 cents per ounce

Blueberries and Bananas

Use 6 ounces of blueberries and 2 bananas.  Steam on level 2.  After steaming, set liquid aside to reuse.  Read liquid periodically through the puree process until appropriate consistency is acquired.  Add additional water if needed.  The consistency of this ends up being like thin pudding.  ( I plan to use this recipe for popsicles this summer).

Output: 16 ounces
Homemade Cost: 12 cents per ounce

Kale and Bananas (Red kale)

Use approx. 1/3 of a bunch of kale (fill basket firmly) and 1 banana.  Remove leafy portion from stems and tear into small pieces.  Steam on level 2 and puree with water.

Output: 12 ounces
Homemade Cost: 7 cents per ounce.


Genevieve’s Eighth Month – Babybook Snapshots

This month Genevieve got her first top tooth – the top right one.  It sure did give her fits, especially considering that the first two came in before we even noticed!

This month our poor baby has had her fair share of sickness.  The month started out with a stomach bug that cause her to run fever, vomit, and get diaper rash.  It also made her fussy.  The end of the month saw her with a sinus infection or upper respiratory infection (doctor never clarified) and swollen eyes which the doctor said was caused by the infection spreading to her eyes.  The stomach bug was treated with pedialyte and the infection was treated with antibiotics and eye drops.

This month Genevieve attended her first wedding: The wedding of Michael and Amanda Busick.  The wedding took place in Pocahontas, AR.  I dressed Genevieve in an adorable silver swing dress from The Gap so she would match her dad’s suit.  I absolutely love the picture I have of Michael (my husband / her dad – not the groom) dancing with her at the reception.

I bough Genevieve her first bouncing ball (6″ ball) this month and she thinks that the bouncing ball is so funny as it bounces!

Genevieve is now wearing size 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, and size 2 shoes (although her size 1 sandals fit fine and she has a few pairs of size 2 shoes that are too small).  The last two days she has even kept shoes on all day at daycare!

This month we introduced peas (jarred) and blueberries (homemade blended with banana). prunes (jarred – im not sure how these would come out homemade), and Baby Mum Mums.  I dont really want her eating the Baby Mum Mums though because of the salt and sugar content.

Daycare insisted we start bringing baby food and “snacks’ because she was getting upset when the other kids were eating.  I am sure she is only upset because her playmates are in highchairs and she is by herself.  I went ahead and sent the food though.  She does eat a few bites, but no more than she eats at home (2 to 3 bites is normal / 5 bites is a huge deal!).  I hunted and hunted for sugar free and salt free “baby snacks” and only found 2 products: Ella’s Kitchen Baby Cookies and Puffits.  There are a few things out there that are sweetened with fruit juice concentrate, but I hope to avoid that as much as possible.  I even tried to make my own puffs and teething biscuits, but I couldnt get them to harden enough.For now though, she isnt interested in the snacks.  She might play with them, but she has no interest in eating them at all.  Heck, we even tried smashed banana one day and she wanted no part of that either.  I really hope that she doesnt end up with sensory issues with food!

Recipes Using the Beaba Babycook #1

Some of the recipes I have tried so far.  I will include the quantity of baby food produced for the recipes I remember the output on. Please remember that all quantities include liquid of formula or water introduced to produce the appropriate consistency for my baby.  The size of the produce you choose to use and the amount of liquid you add will effect your total output.  See previous post on how to prepare baby food using the Babycook.

The cost of store bought baby food (based on Plum Organics – my backup brand) in the store is 37 cents per ounce.


Three bananas steamed on level 2 and pureed with formula (beware – banana will turn brown, but that doesnt mean its spoiled).

Output: 16 oz
Homemade Cost: 4 cents per ounce (does not include cost of formula)


1 avocado steamed on level 2 and pureed with formula (avocado will turn brown – I was afraid to freeze the avocado so I tossed what we didnt eat in 2 days).

Output: 8 ounces
Homemade Cost: 13 cents per ounce

Apples (Using Pink Lady Apples)

2 apples steamed on level 2 and pureed with water. Feel free to try cinnamon (just a pinch) in the apples after you are sure that your baby is not allergic to apples.

Output: 10 ounces
Homemade Cost: 16 cents per ounce

Butternut Squash

Peel and seed 1 Butternut Squash and steam on level 3 and puree with water.

Output: 24 ounces
Homemade Cost: 17 cents per ounce

Sweet Potato

Peel 3 sweet potatoes and steam on level 3 and puree with water. Once you are sure baby is not allergic, consider added a pinch of cinnamon.

Output: 34 ounces
Homemade Cost: 6 cents per ounce

Baby’s First Blend – Try mixing squash and apples in a 1:1 ratio! Yum!