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Genevieve’s Smile: Support my small business



Hello friends!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been hard at work updating my Etsy shop and posting lots of new items for you to browse and enjoy!  I want to encourage everyone to stop by, look around, and (hopefully) decide to buy something.  Is my shop not really your style?  Well, consider sharing our shop link with a friend!  If you choose to shop a small business, you are helping a family.  I do my best to offer the lowest prices I can and I work hard to make each item special and unique.  Don’t see something you like?  Request a custom order and I will make something special just for you!

What is Genevieve’s Smile?

Genevieve’s Smile is a small business I started in honor of my daughter. I take pride in designing and creating hair bows, barrettes, bow holders, and jewelry!  Right now I am even sending out a free gift with your first purchase!

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Genevieve’s 1st Birthday- An Event in Review

Genevieve’s 1st Birthday- An Event in Review

Genevieve turned one on August 6th 2015 and we celebrated with her, our friends, and our family on Saturday August 8th.  We hosted a “You Are My Sunshine” themed party at our house.  Our original plan was to primarily host everyone outside, but the day turned out to be extra hot – even for Arkansas, so for the most part we visited in the living room.

*Party Overview and planning details are at the end of the post*

We decorated in yellow, orange, and grey.  Decorations included lemons, yellow flowers, tissue paper balls and flowers, pictures of Genevieve, plastic table cloths, streamers, an “All About Me” sign, and birthday banners.

first birthdaydecorcollage

The mantle served as the gift table and I decorated it with a handmade 5×7 picture banner of Genevieve during each month of her life.  The kitchen bar was decorated with silk flowers in a vase lined with yellow paper.  This is were we served lunch.  The dinning room table was decorated with party hats and used a Dollar Store highchair cover and balloons to indicate where Genevieve would taste her cake.  There was also a banner in the window that had her name, “Genevieve” on it.  This banner matched a coordinating banner saying “Happy 1st Birthday” that strung across the doorway separating the kitchen and living room.  The cake table featured lemonade, hard candies, a “You Are My Sunshine” sign, cakes, napkins, cups, and utensils in the featured colors – as well as the cupcakes for the guests and Genevieve’s cake.  The living room was decorated in streamers of yellow, pink, orange and grey.  We also added a sign featuring facts about Genevieve. The party favors were packaged in small plastic buckets with tied on tags (matching the birthday banners) and included popcorn, sand forms, bubbles, and sunglasses.


The cupcakes and cake were made by 3rd and Main Street Sweets, a local bakery.  Julie, the owner was wonderful to work with and she didnt bat an eye at my request for a low sugar cake sweetened with applesauce.

Genevieve was asleep when the guests started arriving, but she woke not long after and was able to make her grand entrance down the hallway in her yellow tutu birthday outfit.  She had just started walking a couple of days before her party!


I worked hard (with a lot of help from my Aunt Kay!) to make the house festive for the event and then I played hostess while Michael cooked everyone lunch.  We had a huge spread of hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, veggies, chips, and dip!


She wasnt really sure what to think about the cake.  She tasted some of the icing, but wasnt interested in eating the cake at all.  She was very generous though – she tried to feed it to mom and dad!


All the guests that came to celebrate the day with us were so wonderful!  I am so thankful that Genevieve has so many friends and family to love and cherish her!  There were lots of adults, but several kids too which was extra special because she LOVES playing with other kids!  We really hope to make a good effort at staying involved with our friends, not only for our own social needs, but because we want Genevieve to have a chance to foster some long term friendships from the very beginning!

…And, Oh Boy!  The presents!  She didnt need the presents, but we all appreciate the thought and love that was put into each gift and she loved opening the packages!


Note: Look for an up-coming post about our 1st Birthday Photo Shoot Adventure!

First Birthday Party Theme: “You Are My Sunshine”

Colors: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Grey

Cake and Cupcakes: Yellow Ombre from 3rd and Main St. Sweets

Banners and Favor Tags (and coloring page not pictured): Design Dyer

High Chair Cover: Dollar Tree

Lemon Sign: Hobby Lobby

Cupcake and Cake Stand: Home Goods

Party Hat: Kutie Bowtuties

 Shirt Embroidery: Baby Squishy Cheeks

Tutu: Picklebug

Shoes: Children’s Place

Bloomers (not pictured): PJ Quilts

“All About Me” Poster: Pokeys Pretty Parties (printed at Walgreens on foam board)

Invitations (not pictured): MischiCreative

Genevieve’s Smile

I have recently opened a shop on Etsy to sell my homemade crafts.  I named my shop Genevieve’s Smile after my daughter.  My shop sells jewelry and hair bows.  I have some items premade and ready to ship and I have others that can be custom ordered.   I hope that you will all support me in my new endeavor.  

Nursery Organization (Chest and Dresser/Changing Table)

I plan to post a full blog on our nursery design, description, product information, and the amazing job my husband did making my vision come to life.  However, since I am still waiting on a few things to arrive (they should be here by the first of next week) and I really want to put something together, I am going to go ahead and write this post about my attempt to organize the nursery.  I am aware that once Genevieve arrives, things will probably change, but this is at least a good start.

Furniture: Crib, Chest, and Double Dresser from the Baby Cache Montana collection in Driftwood Purchased at Babies R Us, Baskets inside double dresser purchased from Dollar Tree, Aqua decorative drawers with starfish purchased at Home Goods, Diaper Caddy in Coral and Grey (size XL)purchased on Etsy from Yoon1206greene.


Top Drawer

This drawer has burp cloths, receiving blankets, and bibs.  I need to get a few more burp cloths at this point.  The embroidered burp cloths were a gift, so Im not sure who made  them, but I do believe the were purchased from Etsy.

Second Drawer

This drawer has changing pad covers, mattress pads, sheet savers, sheets, pack n play sheets, cradle sheets, and bassinet sheets.  My husband built my cradle and the mattress is made of foam core and not a standard size.  I ordered the sheets for it from Birdshaveflowers.

Third Drawer

This drawer is stuffed full of blankets!  The blankets on the right side were made by my Great Grandmother for me when I was a baby.

Fourth Drawer

This drawer has only two blankets in it because they are both super plush and large.  The top one in this photo was made for me by my grandmother and given to me at my baby shower.
Double Dresser / Changing Table (I havent put the changing pad on it yet)
The following pictures start with the top of the dresser and then move on the drawers in order from left to right.
Starfish Drawer Tower
I had trouble decided what to do with this drawer tower, but its so pretty and I really love it. Right now the top drawer is empty, but I think I will put alcohol pads in it.  The 2nd drawer has cotton pads.  The 3rd drawer has baby q-tips.  The 4th has small binder clips.  These may seem odd, but right now I am using them to clip socks together in matches.  Most of her socks have patterns on them and they are so small that if I fold them I cant see the design.  This may become more trouble than its worth, but its my current solution.
Misc. Plastic Bins
These bins are really random, but right now they are holding things that I couldnt decide where else to put.  In the first basket I have a sample surface cleaner from Honest Company, a few pens, a notepad, and some hand sanitizer.  The smaller basket in the corner has baby coupons in it.
Diaper Caddy
I ordered this diaper caddy from Etsy and the fabric perfectly matches my crib bedding.  In the left side I have tissues, nursing pads, and pacifiers. The middle section has baby wipes, baby lotion (Shea Moisture), and diaper rash cream (Aquaphor).  The last section has 20 newborn diapers in it. 
First Drawer
This drawer contains baby hats, mittens, headbands, hairbows, tights, diaper covers, 0-6 month socks (back), and newborn socks (front).
Second Drawer
This drawer has travel wipes, extra diaper disposal bags, Nose Frieda, Boogie Wipes, baby meds, non-latex gloves (I figure if we end up wanting to use diaper cream in a tub instead of a squeeze tube, I wont want to contaminate the jar), baby grooming supplies, pacifiers, and extra diapers.
Third Drawer
This drawer had newborn sleepers and gowns on the left and 0-3 month sleepers on the right.
Fourth Drawer
The left side of this drawer has newborn pants and onesies and the right side has 0-3 onesies and pants. 
Fifth Drawer
This drawer is an oddball.  Right now it has items that I cant hang in the closet, but that Genevieve wont be using for several months.  It has larger socks, a bottle leash, a large size sleep sack, onsies and hats for 6 months and older.
Sixth Drawer
I wanted to put these items in the chest, but I ran out of room.  On the left side are my muslin swaddle blankets and on the right side is my Woombies and swaddle wraps that fasten closed.