The First Trimester

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for 13 months when we got our big news and believe me after 13 months that positive test was a huge surprise and a shock.  In fact, I took 2 tests before I could believe it.

I didnt have any symptoms other than a late cycle and cramping, but since we had been trying and using temping, charting, and an ovulation monitor, I figured it wouldnt hurt to test.  I took the test (First Response) and was so nervous.  Then I was in shock and had to take a 2nd test to prove to myself that it wasnt just a false test!  Based on my estimated due date of August 5, 2014 (although by my calculations its actually August 7, 2014) I was 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant when we got our positive test result.  Michael wasnt home when I took the tests, so I laid out a shirt I bought him that said “Daddy est. 2014” and the positive tests on the bed for him to see when he got home.  When he got home I told him I had a present for him in the bedroom.  He saw what I had laid out and started crying and hugging me and asking “are you sure.”  It was such a surreal moment.

We had our first doctor’s appointment on December 18th (7 weeks 1 day) and our first ultrasound was scheduled for January 9th (10 weeks 2 days).  Michael wanted to tell everyone right away, but being a Librarian and reading too much for my own good, I was scared to tell.  I managed to convince him to wait until Christmas to share our news.  It drove him crazy, but he agreed to wait.

8 Weeks (Belly is 40″)

9 Weeks

My first obvious symptom was hormonal anger which started at 5 weeks, but didnt last long.  I quickly went out and bought the books What to Expect When You’re Expecting, My Pregnancy Week to Week, Baby Bargains, and Baby 411.  I started feeling nausea and bought a pregnancy journal, What to Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer, at 6 weeks. We told my mother-in-law our news on December 24th with a picture fram and she was thrilled with the news.  I told my mother and Meme on Christmas day, also with picture frames.  We werent able to follow through with our normal Christmas tradition of going to see my dad’s parents and family since we were in the process of organizing funerals for both of my sister-in-laws, but my dad and step-mother came by before they left to see my grandparents.  They were both thrilled.  My step-mom’s jaw dropped and my dad cried. It was wonderful.  We sent announcement picture frame gifts with them to pass on to my grandparents, since we couldnt be there when they celebrated Christmas.

I experienced the most extreme of my nausea between 7 and 9 weeks, but I didnt actually get sick.  The nausea was only better when I was eating and I let myself get hungry the nausea came back in full force.  The only smells that really bothered me were chicken and our dog’s pill pockets.  I didnt have any serious cravings, but melon was definately on the top of my “want” list.

I bought the first of my maternity clothes in January because my skin was super sensitive and I couldnt stand anything to be snug and the button trick to make your pants fit better never worked for me.  In fact, I hated the belly band too.

At our first ultrasound at 10 weeks, we didnt get to hear the heartbeat, but we were told it was beating at 162 bpm and much to my husband’s disappointment the scan showed one baby, not two (he was hoping for twins).

Not long after our first ultrasound we received the first bill from our OB.  I was really surprised, but they want us to pay the full balance before the baby arrives!  I guess on the plus side, its one less thing we have to worry about after the fact.

On January 24th I made a huge decision.  I took off my wedding bands because I was already swelling and I was afraid they would get stuck.  I feel so naked without my rings on and I am always rubbing my hand expecting to find them.

By week 13 (the end of the first trimester) I had gained 4lbs and my belly had grown 2 inches.  I was craving lemonade and melon and my biggest symptom was constipation.  We also decided on our nursery theme: Nautical / Ocean.

11 Weeks

13 Weeks
Swollen Hands at 12 weeks


Trying to Conceive and getting pregnant

For many people who knew me when I was younger this post may seem odd.  I never wanted children.  Throughout puberty and adulthood I had been pretty steadfast in my belief that I didnt want children.  I was afraid that I was too selfish or that I would be a bad parent or that I couldnt be enough for my children.  Then I meet my husband.  Children were the line he drew in the sand of our relationship.  I needed to come to terms with my feelings and it was hard.  I love my husband and I know he loves me.  I struggled for a long time before I finally decided that it wasnt that I had changed, but that my life had turned a corner I never thought it would.

It wasnt that I didnt want children, I just never thought I would be in a place in my life where children would fit or that I would be in a relationship stable enough to support children.  I never thought I would want to be married before I met my husband, but after meeting him I quickly knew that I wanted to marry him.  That I wanted to spend my life with him.  Learning that I wanted children so dearly, was just another part of this journey in self discovery…..

My husband and I got married on October 6, 2012 after having been together since 2009.  We did everything backwards to the traditional relationship milestones: 1.) date, 2.) buy a house, 3.) raise a child (we got custody of our 16 year old nephew), 4.) get engaged, 5.) get married.   We loved our life in rural Arkansas with our 3 dogs (2 are ours and 1 we are fostering for my brother in law).

When we got married I was 29 and my husband was 30.  We knew that we wanted a family and we knew that we weren’t getting any younger.  Most of our friends and relatives our age have had kids for many years now.  I told Michael that if we had more than one child that I wanted them to be about 3 years apart.

 Knowing that I didnt want to be giving birth and raising an infant after age 40 (in an ideal situation) and that in a perfect world, we didnt know how long it would take us to conceive a child, we started trying to get pregnant right away.  I quit taking my birth control pills a few days into our honeymoon.

I am a librarian, and what do librarian’s do?  We research.  So that is what I did.  I found and read message boards, I learned about ovulation cycles and basal body temperature.  I read What to Expect Before You are Expecting and several other books and articles.

On our 1 year anniversary we still hadnt managed to get pregnant.  I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, so I had my Endocrinologist run extra labs to see if there was anything thyroid related preventing us from getting pregnant.  He found nothing he felt was causing our infertility.

I have always been curvy and big chested and have heard my whole life about my “child bearing hips” and I couldnt get pregnant.  Yes, I know there are people who struggle for years with infertility.  I know several and I know my struggle was no where near the trial that they had been facing, but I still felt inadequate.

We made an appointment with a fertility specialist in October  that was scheduled for December, but after learning that my insurance would only cover the most basic testing once per lifetime made us reconsider our options.  We choice to cancel the appointment and keep trying on our own until my annual exam at the end of January.  We decided that if we still hadnt conceived by then we would ask the doctor for her recommendations.

As it so happens we got a positive pregnancy test on December 1st (15 cycles of ttc)!  I was so nervous and excited.  I took two tests to be sure.  Michael wasnt home when I found out, but months earlier I had bought a super cute t-shirt that said “Daddy est. 2014.”  I put this t-shirt out on the bed along with my two positive tests and when he got home I told him to come into the bedroom because I had a present for him.

He was so shocked and so excited.  He hugged me and asked “are you sure?”  He wanted to shout the news from the roof tops, but I asked that he wait.  I wanted to tell our families at Christmas and I wanted to wait til the end of the first trimester to tell work (I live in a small town, so once one person knows the whole world knows).

We met with a nurse at my OB/GYN clinic on December 18th which was basically just blood work and we meet with the doctor on January 9th.

This blog entry will post to the public on January 22nd, and their might be a few follow up posts that go hand in hand with this one that will post around that time too.  After that point, all blog entries about my pregnancy will be posted the same day I write them.  I am so excited for this journey!