What is in my diaper bag?: A post about packing my diaper bag

Bag: Jujube Super Be
Print: Duchess
Age of Child: 19 months


I am a huge Jujube fan and have used a couple of bags in the past.  My first bag was a Jujube BFF, then a Jujube Be Prepared, and now I am debating about switching to the Jujube Super Be.  This post is about how I have been packing my Super Be the last couple of weeks as I decide if I want to keep using it or go back to the Be Prepared.


The bag has two tote straps that have a nice long (but not too long) drop.  This is great because it allows you to wear the bag on your shoulder easily, even if the bag is very full.The bag comes with loops on either side of the bag to attached a messenger strap, but it does not come with the D rings needed.  D rings can be purchased at any fabric or craft store and added easily.  I will be adding D rings soon, so I can use a messenger strap.


The Super Be is a large unstructured tote style bag.  It has 3 exterior pockets on the front and one large full width pocket on the back.  There is a small zipper pocket and 2 mesh pockets inside.


In the front I carry a bottle of water, a sippy cup, and my cell phone.  I do not currently use the back pocket.


This picture shows my bag fully packed, with my Be Quick (mommy bag) on top.  While I have the bag packed pretty full, its not so full that I couldnt add more items if I needed too.


This picture shows the top view of my packed bag, without my Be Quick on top.  From this view you can see everything in the bag.

Inside my bag I have 2 large Travelon Packing Cubes (one with diapers and wipes and one with spare clothes), a Jujube Medium Set Piece that holds restaurant supplies, and a Jujube Fuel Cell that is full of snacks and some toddler formula. This picture also shows a musical book toy in the main compartment, but that is not a normal staple item for us.  It is normally in the car.

The zipper pocket contains a hair brush, sanitary supplies, and a chapstick.  One side mesh pocket has a burp cloth, my medicine kit (in a Custom Quicklet) and a muslin blanket. The 2nd mesh pocket holds toys, which are shown below.


The mesh pocket for toys includes a large set piece, a crinkle elephant toy, an electronic animal sounds toy and a book.


The Jujube Large Set piece contains a V-tech horse, a small Color Wonder color book, and the game board from a Cracker Barrel peg game.  There is also a Small Set piece inside which is where I keep the color wonder markers and the pegs from the Cracker Barrel game.


There is an attached key fob on the inside of the bag.  I have a Custom Jujube EOS holder with loose change and a hand sanitizer attached to the key fob’s D ring.

See all the details in my YouTube packing video here.


Whats in my Car Bag – 9 months

I decided that I needed to start carrying some emergency supplies in my car for the baby on the off chance I am the one who needs to pick her up from daycare (since I normally dont), or I forget my diaper bag.  I decided to pack some minimal essentials in the back of my car.  Do you have a car bag?

Whats in my Diaper Bag – 9 months

I have used the JuJuBe BFF since my baby was born and I still love it!  What I packed hasnt changed much since Genevieve was born, mainly because I tend to over-pack.  My favorite feature of this bag is that it opens in the front instead of the top which means no digging to find things!

Pregnancy, Labor, and a newborn: Surprises, lessons learned, and favorites


My pregnancy was pretty mild, but there are a few things that either I read and didnt really grasp the fully or no one told me.  Everyone mentions the heartburn (which I only had a couple of days) and the cravings, and the waddling, but no one warned me I would swell up like a balloon, be unable to go to the bathroom for week(s) at a time, or be so exhausted that getting through the day was a chore. Everyone said that I would feel pregnant forever and it actually seemed to go by really fast with the exception of the last month. No one warned me that I would miss being pregnant when it was actually over though.

The Hospital, Labor, and Delivery

I over packed for the hospital, but I dont regret packing anything.  The items I packed and didnt use were: make-up (powder, eye shadow, and blush), extra clothes, and books.  I think if my labor hadnt been so intense I might have used these things.  I could not get out of bed on my own (without excruciating pain) until the day I left, which was 4 days post-postpartum.  Because of this I never changed clothes or put on makeup.  I also spent most of my time napping when I wasnt nursing, since I was taking pain medication that made me drowsy.  If I hadnt been so sleepy, I would have read the books I brought with me.

I regret that I didnt brush my hair after delivery for the few pictures our family took of us.  I feel like I would like the pictures so much better if someone would have brushed my hair (I did labor for 20 hours!).  I also wish we would have taken more photos.  I feel like I was in shock most of my labor and so I was distant from much of the experience with the exception of the pain.  I wish we had learned more about how our hospital handled labor, because we were surprised (and a bit dismayed) that my husband had to do so much of the work.

I had read mixed comments about the mesh panties and pads that the hospital would give me for postpartum bleeding.  They were fine at the hospital because I stayed in bed the whole time.  However, once I was home I started using Depends and I would 100% recommend them over the hospital pads or regular pads.  Had I been more mobile in the hospital, I would have preferred using the Depends there too.

The First Month as a Mom and Life with a Newborn

Sleep, Nurse, Sleep, Nurse, Sleep, Nurse.

During the first two weeks I wanted to be alone with my husband and baby.  While most people complied with my wishes, there were some who didnt.  Being alone during the first week was ideal.  I felt horrible and we didnt have a routine.  I was still in a lot of pain and taking pain medication for the first week or so we were home.  Also during the couple of weeks it really hurt to sit, walk, and use the bathroom.  In fact, going to the bathroom normally involved screaming from pain.  In hindsight, I came home from the hospital with a bladder infection that was probably the cause of a portion of the pain, but I know a lot of it was a result of my 2nd degree tear.  In fact, I am now 6 weeks postpartum and going to the bathroom is still uncomfortable, although rarely painful now.  Why did no one warn me that post birth pain would last so long?

Breastfeeding really hurt for the first 2 or 3 weeks, but after that the pain was mostly gone.  The gel soothe pads were a must have for the first few weeks!  I tried Lanolish, Medela, and Motherlove nipple creams.  Beware, nipple creams do NOT help with the pain (which I was mislead on).  They do help with keeping them from being dry and cracked.  Lanolish was my least favorite and Motherlove was my favorite, although I wish it came in a squeeze tube instead of a pot.  FYI: nipple cream stains!  No one warned me about this and my nursing tanks are ruined!  I am so glad I bought my nursing bras and tanks early!  They have been a lifesaver and I cant imagine nursing without them.

Sleep when you can!  Some days I feel like I sleep all day, but its in 1 hour incriments (at best).  You never feel rested an nursing takes a lot of energy!  Dont feel bad!  If your baby is taken care of and happy, sleep when she sleeps!  Dont worry about chores!  If I manage a load of dishes or laundry a day, then I feel accomplished!

1st Month Favorites

Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers for Newborn and Huggies Snugglers for Size 1 (I like the Pampers diapers, but right now Pampers size 1 are too big in the legs).  I tried Honest Company diapers and I liked the way they fit and they are super cute, but the lack of wetness indicator is a huge detractor.

Wipes: Water Wipes, Lanolish Wipes, and Burts Bees Wipes.  (We tried Huggies Pure and Natural and hate them.  My husband says the are too dry and while I dont think thats the case, I think they stink terribly!)

Pacifiers: Mam and Soothie (Mam pacifiers were the only ones I found that came in a Newborn size, in addition to the 0-3 month size that is the standard starter size in most pacifier brands.  Soothies really didnt start working for us until 4 or 5 weeks).  We also love the Paciplushies!  I prefer them to the Wubbanub because I can change out the pacifier and wash them easier.

Bassinet: I didnt think we would really use one, but it has come in handy, especially since it has wheels and can be moved around the house.

Mittens: Luvable Friends (these are the only ones we found that had a tight enough wrist band to stay on infant hands)

Sleepers: Faded Glory, Children’s Place, and Kissy Kissy ( Faded Glory and Children’s Place brands zip instead of button and I prefer the zippers because they seem to fit slimmer and they are quicker to get on and off)

Gowns: I hated the Carters gowns, but all other gowns I found worked well for us.  The Carters brand gowns were to narrow (and we have a skinny baby). Gowns that button up the front are hands down better than the ones that pull over the head!

Swaddlers: Woombies are hands down my favorites.  I love the Aden and Anis swaddle blankets, because they are soft and versatile, but I Genevieve seems to wiggle out of a blanket swaddle at night.  I have tried a few velcro swaddles and havent found one I like yet.

Blankets: Carters and Aden + Anis

Soothing Toy: Fisher Price Snugapuppy Bouncer

Lotion: Shea Moisture Baby Unsented and Honest Company

Diaper Bag: Jujube BFF (although I am finding that I over pack and I think I would like to try the Jujube Be Prepared).  I also love the Jujube accessories: Be Quick and Pacipod. I love the Initials Inc Stash and Dash as an overnight/travel bag/diaper bag/car bag.

Nursing Bras/Tanks: Bravado Simple Embrace Nursing Bra, Anita 5051 Nursing Bra, and Cantaloop Nursing Tank (This tank is long like a tunic.  I wish it was shorter, but it is the only nursing tank that goes up to a J cup), and Simple Wishes Hands-free Pumping Bra (I have a very large cup size and these are the only ones I found that worked for me)

Car Seat Cover: I wasnt originally going to buy one of these, but the first time I tried to go to the grocery store it rained and my decision changed fast!  There are lots of cheap versions of these, but the cheap ones dont fasten.  I love the one I ordered from SooShabbyChic on Etsy.

Apps and Websites: ThisLife (for photos) and Baby Connect for tracking feedings, diapers, and meds.