Toddler Meals: 01/25/2016

Toddler Meals: 01/25/2016

Genevieve’s lunch today is probably one of the fanciest meals I have ever given her. Nothing I sent was expensive or unusual foods, but it’s definitely not your average toddler meal.

The “lunches” featured in this series are  normally  what I am sending to daycare for the day, so the contents are actually lunch and snack. She eats breakfast before she leaves the house for the day.

Today’s lunchbox:

Triscuit crackers and organic cheddar cheese, spinach and cheese ravioli with pesto and steamed zucchini, raspberries and blackberries, plantain chips, and a raw vegetable salad with humus/yogurt dip (1:1 ratio of whole milk organic yogurt and hummus).

The vegetable salad includes: snow peas, radish, zucchini, and bell pepper with the skin removed.

I also sent two 5oz servings of Hipp toddler formula.


Toddler Meals 12/10/2015

Scrambled eggs are a common breakfast for Genevieve.  This morning I scrambled them with chunky salsa.  Scrambled eggs are great because she likes them, they aren’t messy, and if she doesn’t finish her meal at home, they can be easily put in a snack cup (we use Munchkin Snack Catchers). Whenever possible, I prefer to feed her organic foods, especially when they are something she eats regularly.


Today’s lunch includes: mashed potatoes, sauteed squash, and Plum Organics Meatballs, that I cut into small pieces.

I normally don’t feed her pre-cooked/pre-packaged foods, but I didn’t cook last night and I didn’t have any protein leftovers to send. These meatballs are great because they are pretty healthy, include vegetables, and are organic.

For lunch add-ons and snacks I also sent Triscut Low Sodium crackers, shaved Parmesan cheese, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, and dried vegetable chips.


Recently Genevieve has refused to eat yogurt, so I thought I would send some to daycare and see what happens.  I used a Kiinde reusable food pouch and put it in a zip lock (with a note) to make sure it gets returned.  The pouch itself is trash, but the nipple is reusable and I was afraid just asking for the nipple to be returned was asking for confusion on their part.  I will just toss the pouch when she gets home.

I prefer to purchase plain yogurt and add flavoring by mixing in my homemade purees.


Packing a lunch for daycare

We have recently been having problems with daycare over Gevevieve’s diet.  I will go into that situation in another blog, but here I wanted to show off her new lunch box and explain what I sent today.
I have been looking for lunch solutions for Genevieve for the last couple of weeks because we are starting to feed her more table food.  The problem I found is that most lunch containers are designed for large portions and dont really work well for toddler meals. I also needed a way to transport her food to daycare and ensure that it stays cold and contained.
Sistema Plastic Containers and Rubbermaid LunchBox containers.   I found the Sistema containers at At Home, TJ Maxx, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I have purchased the Small Split, and a few other small sizes.  I found the Rubbermaid containers at Kroger (and I saved on them using a Kroger coupon and and Ibotta Coupon). I purchased the LunchBox for Kids and a couple of the Snack containers.
Her new lunch bag is from Pack It and I purchased it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, although I did see some other styles/colors at TJ Maxx after I bought it.  I chose the Freezable Carryall, because I liked that it was long vs tall, so I thought it would work well for more carried sized container.  We have the print “ziggy.”  This bag is super cool because you dont have to use ice or ice packs, because its designed with liquid inside the bag (you freeze the whole bag!).  It is supposed to stay cold for 10 hours!
I know that her bag needed her name on it, but I didnt want to ruin the bag with sharpie and my desire to get her a embroidered lunch bag was out the window because the Pack It lunch bag linings are full of liquid. So I wrote her name on the back of some ribbon and used fabric glue to make a loose band around the strap.
Whats Inside:
We are required to provide food that meets all the crazy requirements of the USDA School Nutrition Program (which is horrible, but I wont go into that here).  Genevieve hardly eats anything, so most of this will probably come back home, but they cant say that I didnt send it!  And this bag holds a TON of stuff!
  • Shredded Smoked Chicken and stir fried carrots
  • Cherries (pitted of course) and a kiwi
  • Puffed Rice
  • Celery Sticks
  • Raisins
  • 1 Plum Organics baby food pouch
  • 1 toddler spoon
  • A stick of cheese
  • Her diaper bag also included three 6oz servings of Hipp formula (toddler and infant mixed 1/2 and 1/2).