Updated Labs

I started seeing a new Internist in October of 2017.  Her name is Mary Sain and she is affiliated with St. Vincent’s Hospital in Little Rock, AR.  I switched because my doctor was leaving her practice and Dr. Sain was recommended by an acquaintance.

During my initial visit, I was told that my thyroid meds weren’t strong enough and several of my vitamin levels were really low.  She increased Synthroid from 200 mcg to 225 mcg and told me to start taking supplements for Iron, B12, Vitamin D, and Folate.

I went back for a follow up yesterday and she told me my labs were looking better – even though I dont feel much better (I am starting to give up hope of ever feeling normal again). With my current dosage of Synthroid, I have to pay for 2 prescriptions because they dont manufacture my dose. I asked her to try something else because I couldnt keep paying for 2 prescriptions ($80!). She is going to try me on Nature-thriod 146.25 and rerun my labs again in 2 months.

Here are my labs:
Ferritin – 34.6 (was 19.1)
Folate – 13.10 (was 7.44)
Iron Level – 77 / % Sat 24 / TIBC 294
T3 Free – 3.55 (was 2.37)
T3 total – 1.2 (was .9)
T4 Total – 12.5 (was 10.10)
T4 Free – 1.6 (was 1.1)
TSH – 0.107 (was 9.850)
B12 – 538 (was 432)
VitD – 37.2 (was 11.9)