Recipes Using the Beaba Babycook #3

Roasted Carrot & Parsnip w/ Onion, Garlic, and Thyme

Peel 3 small carrots and peel and core 2 parsnips (ends up a 1:1 ratio).  Rub with olive oil and sprinkle with a pinch of garlic powder and a pinch of  ground thyme.  Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
Peel and bake an onion with a tablespoon of butter on 375 degrees for 45 minutes – covered.

Add roasted carrots and parsnips and 1 layer of onion to the Babycook steamer.  Steam on level 3.

Puree with water for consistency.

Note: This is an advanced flavor palate for baby.  Test baby food in individual flavors for allergies before trying this recipe.  Based on what I read, onion has a very low chance of allergies, so it is safe to test blended with another ingredient that is safe.

Output: 16 ounces
Homemade cost: 11 cents per ounce

Plums (Red Plums)

Core and chop 3 large plums.  Steam on level 2.  Reserve juice and puree fruit.  Add juice as needed for consistency.

Output: 10 ounces
Homemade Cost: 7 cents per ounce

Cherry Banana

Pit a cup of cherries and peel a banana.  Steam on level 2. Reserve juice and puree fruit.  Add juice and water as needed for consistency (I used 3:1 ratio).

Output: 8 ounces ( I did mix this a little thick for my baby, so I probably could have gotten another 2 ounces)
Homemade Cost: 19 cents per ounce

Cherry Apple (Gala apples)

Pit a cup of cherries.  Peel, core, and cube 1 large apple.  Steam on level 2.  Reserve juice and puree fruit.  Add juice and water as needed ( I used 1:3 ratio).

Output: 14 ounces
Homemade Cost: 17 cents per ounce

Blueberry Apple Banana with Vanilla (Granny Smith Apple)

Peel 1 medium apple and 1 banana.  Add peeled fruit and 4 oz (2/3 pkg) of blueberries to steam basket.  Steam on level two.  Reserve steam liquid.  Puree fruit.  Thin with water and reserve juice ( I used 1:1).  Add 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract.

Output: 15 ounces
Homemade Cost: 13 cents per ounce

Baby Fruit Cocktail Juice

Juice left over from steaming fruits from previous recipes. My juice is a result of the liquid from my Plums, Cherry Banana, Cherry Apple, and Blueberry Banana Apple.  Mix with water (we use distilled) at a ratio of 25% juice to 75% water.  Freeze.  Cubes of frozen juice can be used for teething in a mesh feeder or defrosted and used to help a constipated baby.

Note: Babies should not be given juice as a beverage until they are drinking out of a regular cup and juice is not needed nutritionally.  Do NOT give baby juice created from raw fruit.

Output: 1 Quart Juice “concentrate” = 1 Gallon baby juice
Homemade Cost: Free – made from after product of steaming fruit for baby food (the average cost of                               the purees used to make the liquid in my version of juice comes to 14 cents per oz)


Recipes Using the Beaba Babycook #2

More recipes using my Babycook…

*Steam ingrediants in steam basket, remove steam liquid (unless reusing), and then add contents of steam basket to the cooking container for pureeing.


Peel 2 beets and steam on level 2.  Puree with water. (beware!  Wear gloves or you will have red hands!)

Output: 16 ounces
Homemade Cost: 19 cents per ounce

Green Beans

Use about 1/2 lb of green beans (fill basket). Snap off ends and break into pieces.  Steam on level 2 and puree with water. (Green beans are one of the most difficult to get smooth)

Output: 14 ounces
Homemade Cost: (assuming 1/2 a pound) 8 cents per ounce

Blueberries and Bananas

Use 6 ounces of blueberries and 2 bananas.  Steam on level 2.  After steaming, set liquid aside to reuse.  Read liquid periodically through the puree process until appropriate consistency is acquired.  Add additional water if needed.  The consistency of this ends up being like thin pudding.  ( I plan to use this recipe for popsicles this summer).

Output: 16 ounces
Homemade Cost: 12 cents per ounce

Kale and Bananas (Red kale)

Use approx. 1/3 of a bunch of kale (fill basket firmly) and 1 banana.  Remove leafy portion from stems and tear into small pieces.  Steam on level 2 and puree with water.

Output: 12 ounces
Homemade Cost: 7 cents per ounce.

Why chose to use the Beaba Babycook and how to use it

I purchased my Babycook when my daughter turned 6 months old because I wanted to make my own babyfood. I determined that this machine was cost effective for several reasons:

1.) Store bought babyfood costs $1 for every ounce to two ounces of babyfood
2.) I want to feed my daughter pure food without preservitives or chemical additives
3.) I want to know what my daughter is eating and control the flavors and seasonings she is exposed to
4.) I want to create a flavor palate experience that matches our general diet and provide a healthy foundation for my daughter’s experience with food.
5.) This machine allows me to steam, puree, and reheat in one easy to clean device.  No extra dishes to wash and I can easily make babyfood while cooking dinner.

About the Unit:

The Babycook includes instructions with indications on how much water is needed to cook the item you are planning to use.

The unit includes the base device which houses the water resoviour and the time/puree control,a cooking container,  a steam basket, and a blade for pureeing, and a spatula for lifting the hot steam basket.

The cooking container looks like a blender pitcher.  The blade connects to the bottom with a screw on the bottom on the unit.  It is very easy to remove for cleaning.  The cooking unit also has two sets of markings: measuring cup units on one side and water level measuring units on the other.  The water level measuring units are marked: 1, 2, and 3.  Level 1 is for reheating, level 2 is most fruits and vegtables, and level 3 is for denser procduce.   The water is measured in the cooking unit and then it is poured into the base unit through a small hole at the top of the unit (under the lid hinge).

How to make your babyfood:

1.) Peel and chop produce (or meat) into small pieces – remove seeds and cores
2.) Measuse water and fill reserviour
3.) Snap cooking cointainer into base unit
4.) Put steam basket into cooking container
5.) Add food pieces into steam basket
6.) Close lit and press lock button
7.) Press the steam button (the machine times the cook based on the water level)
8.) When the steam button flashes and beeps – cooking is done
9.) Open lid and use spatula to lift steam basket
10.) Remove liquid from bottom of cooking unit (depending on what you cooked you may want to reuse the steam liquid for pureeing, but you may not) – reserve liquid if you want to reuse it
11.) Add cooked food to the cooking unit, place the lid cover on top of the cooking container, and the close the lid.
12.) Turn the puree control and puree food product.  Add steam liquid, water, forumla, or breast milk. (If using breast milk, it must be fresh if you plan to freeze the babyfood.  Breast milk should never be refrozen).

I use silicone baby food trays for initial freezing and then remove and keep frozen in Zip Lock Freezer bags.  Babyfood can be frozen for 3 months.  All food used for babies should be cooked for the first year, including fruit.